“The introduction to industry as an option for a career and the interaction with the members from industry was enough to convince me to participate in CRSP again.”

"We are excited to learn about and network with those in CRSP involved in cutting edge solar research."

“By networking and sharing research progress, we bridge the gap between basic science research and the applied commercialization of products that can be developed from the knowledge gained by this research.”

“Our membership in CRSP is just what we were looking for to help accelerate technical and product development.”

“CRSP is good forum for us to interact and learn about local research on the front range.”

“We are proud to be founding members because we get to work directly with the brightest and best minds in the industry.”


Benefits of Membership

The Center for Revolutionary Solar Photoconversion (CRSP) offers a unique opportunity for your company to partner with world-class research institutions and benefit from their expertise and facilities. The four Collaboratory Institutions— the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Colorado State University, University of Colorado at Boulder, and Colorado School of Mines—offer internationally recognized faculty and students, as well as world-class research facilities.

Access to World-Class Research

CRSP includes many of the leaders in solar energy research at both basic and applied levels. Through CRSP membership, companies can access these investigators to support research that will lead to technological improvements that are directly relevant to their products and/or lead to long-term, revolutionary advances in solar energy harvesting cost and efficiency. Member companies have direct access to research results at the pre-publication stage. Because of the contributions of other member companies as well as matching funds from the State of Colorado and institutional support from the participating institutions, member company contributions are highly leveraged, providing a high return on investment. Opportunities include sponsoring targeted research projects, shared research projects supported by multiple companies, and collaborative federally funded research projects, which may receive matching funds from the Collaboratory.

Access to Talented People

CRSP research projects, as well as our annual meeting (which includes student and postdoc poster sessions) provide a valuable opportunity for interaction between staff scientists, faculty, students, postdocs, and member company representatives. CRSP's annual meeting and workshop provides access to presentations and discussions from affiliated researchers, including researchers from the Center for Advanced Solar Photophysics, the Renewable Energy Materials Science and Engineering Center, and NREL's Strategic Energy Analysis Group. These interactions can be valuable opportunities for learning how to advance your technology, fostering collaborations, and recruitment. Our meeting includes plenty of time for discussion and breakout sessions (which may be private) to develop ideas for collaborative ventures and to form teams to pursue funding opportunities.

Membership Fees

CRSP membership fees are $5,000 per year. All member companies receive full membership benefits, including access to all CRSP research symposia.