“We are proud to be founding members because we get to work directly with the brightest and best minds in the industry.”

“Our membership in CRSP is just what we were looking for to help accelerate technical and product development.”

“The introduction to industry as an option for a career and the interaction with the members from industry was enough to convince me to participate in CRSP again.”

"We are excited to learn about and network with those in CRSP involved in cutting edge solar research."

“CRSP is good forum for us to interact and learn about local research on the front range.”

“By networking and sharing research progress, we bridge the gap between basic science research and the applied commercialization of products that can be developed from the knowledge gained by this research.”

About CRSP

CRSP is dedicated to the basic and applied research necessary to create revolutionary new solar energy technologies as well as educational and training opportunities. CRSP research underpins renewable energy technologies for highly efficient and cost-competitive production of electricity and fuels via direct solar processes.

CRSP is a research center of the Colorado Energy Research Collaboratory, a unique research partnership between the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Colorado School of Mines (CSM), Colorado State University (CSU), and the University of Colorado Boulder (CU).

Membership in CRSP allows companies to learn about and participate in advances in solar energy research. Members may contract with CRSP researchers for sponsored research, with the potential for exclusive licensing.

Additionally, CRSP has partnerships with the following organizations:

The Renewable Energy Materials Research Science & Engineering Center at CSM & NREL (REMRSEC), which supports fundamental research in solar energy conversion

The Research Center for Advanced Science & Technology (RCAST), University of Tokyo, a leading PV research institute in Japan

Research Corporation for Science Advancement (RCSA) Scialog, a private foundation that supports revolutionary advances in solar energy research.

CRSP supports research through three mechanisms:

  • Sponsored Research: Companies may contract directly with researchers for targeted projects. Exclusive, royalty-free licensing is available.
  • Federally-Funded Research: Collaborative teams may pursue federal funding opportunities. The Collaboratory provides matching funds to multi-institution teams, especially those that include industry partners.
  • Annual Meeting: Our annual meeting every August gives all of our members a chance to come together in a conference-style setting to discuss solar energy research, learn about recent advances, and meet students and postdocs interested in renewable energy. This is often where teams come together to pursue Sponsored or Federally-Funded research projects.